Know About Green Air Conditioner

By | March 19, 2011

Generally Air Conditioners release hydro chlorofluorocarbons into the air, causing depletion of the ozone layer which protects the earth from UV radiations. A green air conditioner is the solution for this problem as it helps in the carbon foot print reduction which causes minimal pollution.

Going green directs to reduction in the consumption of fossil fuels and also reduction in the release of green house gases. Green AC protects the users from global warming and acid rains caused because of green house gases. Ductless green air conditioners, also referred to as split systems, regulates the temperature in rooms individually. According to the EPA, users can save up to 30% in energy costs by installing or retrofitting a green air conditioning system.

Tips for Installing Green Air Conditioning:

  • Increase Attic Insulation- Adding more insulation is one of the best investment strategies to get a return on investment in a matter of few months to few years.
  • Install Radiant Heat Barriers- These are a thin layer of metal insulation which can reduce radiant heat transfer.
  • Install Programmable Thermostats- Programmable thermostats help to reduce energy consumption.
  • Install Ceiling Fans- The breeze created by a good ceiling fan can eliminate the need to run your AC on cooler days. It also helps to distribute warm air in the winter, helping to reduce energy costs.
  • Seal and Insulating Duct work- Poorly sealed duct work can reduce the cooling efficiency of air conditioning system, because air can run through uninsulated spaces like attics, garages and crawl spaces.