Apartments Vs Individual House

By | March 29, 2011

An apartment is a self contained housing unit which occupies only a part of building which can be owned or rented. It is very convenient and safe to live in the apartments, apartment living is beneficial to both single professionals and married couples where both are employed. Living in the apartments provides several benefits over other types. The advantages of the apartments over an individual house are:

  • The apartments have lower maintenance costs than the individual houses and these apartments are maintained by the professional management.
  • Apartments are generally located in the center of the city where as individual houses are located in the out skirts.
  • There are some tax deductions in the apartment rentals.
  • Security is also high in the apartments and unlike in the individual houses, renters can easily shift from the apartments.
  • The prices of the individual houses are very high when compared to the apartments.
  • Apartment living has the advantage of proximity to the business centers, schools and the library.

Generally individual houses are located in the city out skirts and they are very peaceful without any disturbances from the neighbors, there is no need to share anything with the others. By having individual hose you can have more privacy and value for your house is more. You can change the house as you like without having to take any others permission. The major disadvantages of living in an individual house are, high maintenance and low security when compared to the apartments.