Benefits of Air Conditioners, Air Purifiers and Ventilation Systems for Hospitals

By | March 18, 2011

Hospital Air Conditioning is more important because these days proper air conditioning has also become a factor in patient therapy and in some cases controlled environment provides more rapid physical improvement as the growth of many disease causing organisms is influenced by the surrounding temperature. Hence, proper air conditioning is found to play an important role in the prevention and treatment of diseases. Apart from controlled temperature, indoor air quality in the hospitals should also be maintained at the acceptable levels because there are large number of bacteria and virus spread in the hospital environment. Air purifiers and proper ventilation system help in improving the indoor air quality.

The benefits of having proper air Conditioning System, air purifiers and ventilation systems in the hospitals are:

  • Air conditioning system restricts the movement of air between the various departments of the hospital.
  • Ventilation and filtration helps in the dilution and removal of contaminants, which are in the form of airborne microorganisms, viruses, odor, hazardous chemicals and radioactive substances.
  • Air conditioners provides different types of temperature and humidity required for various areas in the hospital.
  • All the above systems helps in controlling the environmental conditions, quality and circulation of the air.
  • Patients with some diseases such as thyrotoxicosis, cannot tolerate hot and humid conditions, in such cases, a cool and dry environment favors the loss of heat by radiation and skin evaporation which may save the life of a patient.
  • In some cases dry conditions may prove hazardous to the ill and debilitated persons, contributing to secondary infection. In such cases, AC is helpful in preventing these dry conditions.
  • It also reduces operational costs and maintenance costs for a hospital.

Designing of an energy efficient air conditioning system by a hospital according to its needs and best international practices, delivers a high quality product that is heath safe.

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