What are the Various Types of Barcode Labels used in Warehouses?

By | February 17, 2011

It is advantageous to use barcode systems to improve warehouse operations. Symbol barcode and others can be used for various applications like material handling, purchasing orders, packaging and so on. Different types of barcode labels are used in warehouses. They include location barcode labels, reflective barcode labels, floor barcode labels, and pallet barcode labels.

Location Barcode Labels:
As the name suggests, these labels are used to find the location of a specific item in a warehouse. These labels have registered numeric codes which are usually placed on shelves and racks with the help of durable adhesives.

Reflective Barcode Labels:
These labels are larger in size and can be read by people. Barcode scanners can scan these labels from a distance. Metal is used as a label material for creating these labels. Reflective barcode labels can be used at places where high durability is required.

Floor Barcode Labels:
These barcode labels are stuck on the floor of warehouses. Heavy vehicular traffic may be seen at warehouses. So, these labels use highly durable adhesives for permanently sticking to the floor. Metals like steel and aluminum are used for making floor barcode labels.

Pallet Barcode Labels:
Pallet barcode labels are used to tag pallets which move from one location to other. These are also made of metal as they need to withstand industrial conditions like chemicals.

These are the main types of barcode labels which are used by warehouses. Thermal transfer barcode printers are mostly used for printing them.