Importance of Translation in Legal Matters

By | February 8, 2011

With increase in the international trade, dealings with countries other than our native country have come in to picture. This gave rise to the need of translation of legal documents. Translation in terms of legal matters include translating patents, summons, complaints, financial documents, contracts, evidences, foreign statutes, litigation support services, international document recovery, etc. For example, in case of purchase of property in other country’s or in the case of entering in a business contract with the foreign country, etc.

For the purpose of legal translations, it is not only necessary for a translator to have knowledge in the language, but he has to be aware of all the legal terminologies. All the legal translations are certified translations as they are certified by the court, hence translation services from bilingual attorneys, engineers, scholars and diplomats, who have acute knowledge of the legalities concerned with the cases are preferred.

Hence while choosing a translator for the purpose of legal matters, some important points are to be kept in mind. They are:

The translator should have good linguistic skills regarding the language we are translating in to and should be aware of the the culture and community of the country. It would be preferable if the translator is the native of that country. Besides, the translator should also be aware of the legal and civic policies of the country.

It is wise to choose a certified translator as all the legal translations are certified translations.

Hence, translation is a very important aspect for the proceedings of legal matters.