When is a Post-accident Drug Testing Conducted?

By | February 15, 2011

Impact of employee drug abuse on an organization is seen in many ways. Some of the concerns include absenteeism, crime, violence, theft, and loss of productivity. Therefore, many companies conduct THC drug test, cocaine test, and others for detecting drug abused employees.

Drug abused employees at workplace may also result in some accidents or injuries. At such situations, drug testing is conducted on employees responsible for accidents. This is called post-accident drug testing. It is done to detect whether consumption of drugs or alcohol was the factor for occurrence of the accident. The company can be protected from liability when an employee is detected positive in the drug testing.

Post-accident drug testing is conducted when a driver is involved in an accident. It is also conducted when there are injuries requiring treatment to be done away from the site of the accident. Some situations arise where there is a fatality and at such incidents, THC drug testing and tests for other illegal drugs are conducted on a driver.

Occurrence of accidents at workplaces due to drug abused employees may affect the fame of the company. So it is necessary to avoid such accidents by conducting regular random and pre-employment drug testing.