Using General Liability Insurance for Small Businesses

By | February 3, 2011

If you run the small business, you need to take care of all the aspects of the business. And also you need to focus on the success of the business. When you are on the business, it has a possibility that something might go wrong, clients may take legal action against your business or you. In this case it can be very costly. But there is a way to protect your business and you from such legal suits, that is general liability-insurance policy.

You and your business can be covered by general business liability-insurance in the case of any legal suits, made by third party. General liability-insurance is also referred as the commercial general liability-insurance. General liability-insurance is an insurance which covers specific type of insurance for small business. It protects the company from legal liability-insurance of physical injury claims, advertising claims, property damage claims. General insurance covers your legal liability in incidents of the bodily injury, personal injury and product liability or loss. This insurance covers both public and product liability-insurances. Business owners purchase this insurance individually or as the part of the business.

As the business owner, you should keep in mind that this policy does not cover your business from all types of liability. This policy does not cover employees’ liability. It is better to combine this policy with other liability insurances. But it depends on type of business you run. Insurance broker can recommend a specific package for your business. It is important to read the policy carefully to make sure, that you are aware of what has covered and what has not covered for your business.

However, general liability-insurance is important for success of any small business, regardless of the type of business, that you run.