Know About the Importance of Barcode Printers

By | January 27, 2011

A barcode is a machine readable representation of information in a visual format on a surface. Barcodes are printed on labels or tags called as barcode labels. A barcode printer which is connected to a computer is used for printing these labels. A Universal Product Code is provided according to which a label is printed. Symbol barcode is mostly used by various industries. A barcode printer should satisfy the needs of the label. Zebra printers and Wasp printers are some of the printers which are used by many industries.

A desktop barcode printer can be used for item tagging in business establishments and retail malls. Stock administration and retail systems computerization in industrial factories and big depots can be facilitated by industrial barcode printers. Normal ink-jet printers can also be sued for barcode printing. Another type of barcode printer is a laser barcode printer which is efficient when compared to the ink-jet printer. Thermal printing is the mode of printing used mostly for printing barcode labels. The most advanced types of printers used for barcodes are direct thermal barcode printer and thermal transfer barcode printer. They are considered for the best use in departmental stores.

The barcode printers should be able to provide accurate labels without errors. Various types of materials can be used for printing. Thermal barcode printers are highly efficient and accurate. High resolution output with high resolution quality is possible through these barcode printers. Good quality labels are to be printed by barcode printers that enables barcode scanners to read them easily. With advance of two-dimensional barcode technology, there is a rise in requirement of producing 2D barcode labels. Barcode printers which can print 2D barcode symbologies are also available.