Know About Designs and Technology of Barcode Printers

By | January 5, 2011

Barcode is an optical machine-readable representation of data that shows certain data on certain products. A barcode is to be read by a barcode scanner. The barcodes are printed on a label by means of a barcode printer.

The labels when once get printed by the barcode printer, are attached to the physical objects such as retail or shipping products. Barcode printers are generally portable and lightweight in their design. Hence they can be considered as a convenient office tool for any businesses. One of the technologies used for the barcode printing is thermal printing. It is done by a thermal barcode printer that requires thermal paper for printing. When a printhead generates heat, a reaction is caused in the thermal paper and this is where the printing process starts. From this reaction, the paper gets black in special areas for creating a barcode.

The other type is thermal transfer printer that uses heat differently. In the previous type the reaction is seen on the paper itself. Where as in this type of printing, the reaction due to heat is seen on the ribbon. The heat melts a special substance onto a ribbon. This then glides over the label. In thermal transfer printing, the ink is transferred onto the paper by the heat.

Based on the type of business, the barcode printers are designed. Zebra printers are the most commonly used printers worldwide. The barcode printers are mostly seen in office supply stores, specialty business centers, and at business liquidation sales. May it be a Zebra printer or Eltron printer the cost depends on the type of technology used. However, large barcode printers are much expensive when compared to others.