General Applications of Glow sticks

By | January 10, 2011

Glow sticks are thought to be used for celebration and party purposes. However, they have their applications in many ways. Glow sticks are waterproof and inexpensive. No heat is generated from them and can be disposed reasonably. Hence they can be used for many purposes. Let us know about some uses of glow sticks.

Practical uses:
Military forces, campers, and recreational divers driving at night time can use glow sticks which can be used as light sources and markers. They can also be used by hunters and paintball players. Glow sticks also are used in medical applications.

Emergency and Safety:
A glow stick is considered to be the first and ideal light source used immediately at situations such as earthquake, hurricane, tornado, or any other emergency situations. Illumination of dark theaters’ hallways and pathways can be done using glow sticks. In order to increase visibility and safety, they can be used by local police. Green colored sticks are used for emergency and safety purposes.

Glow sticks are used for entertainment and recreational purposes. A form of dancing with glow sticks is called glowsticking. It is considered as one of the most widely known uses in popular culture and are generally used at parties, raves, concerts, and dance clubs. Balloon-carried light effects are another means of aesthetic usage of glow sticks.

Glow sticks can be used for decoration of cool parties. Toys with glow sticks are also liked by children. Glow sticks provide entertainment in the dark. Late night parties can be made attractive by use of glow sticks.

Military Uses:
A formula of glow stick that uses infrared radiation can be used in conjunction with night vision devices and near-infrared sensitive cameras. For illumination purposes during target marking, equipment and location mapping, and others can be done by glow sticks in police and law enforcement.

Apart from these above mentioned areas, glow sticks can be used for many other purposes. Their application is not limited to certain fields.