Some Applications Where Two-Dimensional Barcoding is Used

By | January 7, 2011

A barcode is an optical machine-readable representation of data that shows particular data on certain products. These barcodes are read by scanners called as barcode scanners or barcode readers. The barcodes are printed on labels by means of Zebra printers, Wasp printers, SATO printers and so on. Recently there has been an advanced technology that is being used in barcode system. It is nothing but 2D barcode system which uses specific symbology.

Different types of symbologies are used in 2D barcode system that include stacked and matrix symbologies. These symbologies have been in use in many applications. Let us know how they are used through different examples.

Tax Return:
All around the world, there would be some time when the taxes should be paid. Also there is a requirement for filing the tax returns. A tax software is to be used by a tax payer. When relevant data is entered, the program is performed that does all calculations. As soon as the task gets completed, the tax form is printed out. The data and the 2D barcode symbol that is mailed to the tax authority, can be taken by any ink jet or a laser printer. The data is captured quickly and with 100% accuracy. This can reduce the costs for paying some to enter the data. It also helps in reducing the indirect costs for both the tax payers and the government.

This system can also be applicable at instances including company excise/sales tax returns, collection of government economic statistics from business enterprises, submission of company employment information, and others.

Packing List:
Some trading partners need certain requirements that a standard methodology has to be used to encode shipping information in a 2D symbol. This can be attached to a shipped order. By this use of barcode system, the ordered data such as PO number, product codes, shipping date, quantities and so on can be directly sent to the computer terminal of the receiver in a few seconds.

Driver’s License:
For example a 2D barcode symbol is printed in a driver’s license through a printer like a Zebra printer. You may get a doubt as to what information may be present in such codes. The information regarding the driver’s name, address, license number, expiry date, and driver restriction codes are encoded on the symbol.

Information regarding the license holder can be easily taken from the symbol by police officers, hotels or any car rental agencies.

Patient Record:
Similarly a patient’s record in a hospital may be applied by a 2D barcode symbol. This may encode data like name, health care number, name of doctor, date of admission, compliant for allergies and so on. All the information can be scanned by the caregiver or a doctor and proper care and medication can be given. This may reduce the possibility of giving a wrong medicine to a patient.