Advantages and Disadvantages of Venue Based Wedding Co-ordinator

By | December 24, 2010

Some venues arrange the wedding co-ordinator. Wedding co-ordinators are very helpful and they provide unique and affordable ideas for wedding. But the major part of the wedding budget is taken by them. Sometimes co-ordinator is arranged by your wedding venue, sometimes you need to appoint them. There are few advantages and disadvantages of wedding venues based co-ordinator, such as:

Advantages: Co-ordinators, who are arranged by the venue, may have expert knowledge about wedding plan. They are aware of the exact location, where the light is good for photos at certain times of the day. They can suggest a best place to conduct the reception. Table layout which is best for wedding breakfast, can be suggested by them.

They may have the list of the local suppliers who have good experience of working. They help the wedding couples by arranging those suppliers with discount.

They have good experience, by arranging many weddings at venue, so they tell what to do and what not to do, they will give many ideas based on previous weddings. They already might have dealt with different incidents related to wedding venue, suppose if the weather does not turn out as you expected or if the ceremony runs late, and etc.

Disadvantages: Co-ordinators, who are attached to the venue, may be less creative and may have less experience about wedding arrangements than a wedding planner who is chosen from out side.

They may not have the experience about current wedding trends, then they may give out of date advices on the fashions of the latest wedding. You may get good deal with suppliers with direct contacting, instead of dealing through the co-ordinators.

You have the chance to choose a best co-ordinator from outside, instead of using wedding venue based co-ordinator.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of the wedding venue based co-ordinator. So you can choose any one for your wedding according to your convenience.