Know About Skip Tracing

By | December 31, 2010

Sometimes you want to know about a person who had disappeared by moving and changing the phone number or name. It becomes very much difficult for you to trace such person. Skip tracing is the process of finding the missing persons and their current location. An individual may find the missing person through some legal means. However an investigator can find them more easily. Skip tracing services are provided by certain private investigation agencies or organizations.

The reasons for his missing may or may not be intentional. If a person is missing unintentionally then it is easy to find. There is no part of fault or mistake on such person. It is difficult to find an intentional missing person. The person may skip due to some reasons such as bill collections and legal problems. Such persons may avoid using credit cards. They may change their name and phone numbers. Such persons may skip to other local cities or may change their address to some other international country.

Skip tracing may include tracking down deadbeat parents and missing witnesses. Long-lost loved ones and some persons who skip from debts are also found through skip tracing.

The investigator may have a network with other investigators for locating a missing person. Skip tracing techniques are used by a bounty-hunter for locating bail-jumpers. However, their activity is subjected to some state regulations. The skip tracing services are conducted by some agencies which provide skip tracers. A skip tracer should have a license for performing the services. The investigator may use some public records and other documentation while performing the search.

Let us see some other examples where skip tracing services are helpful. At certain instances, attorneys that handle estates hire skip tracers for finding missing heirs. In some cases, adopted children also take help of skip tracing services for finding their birth parents.