Know About Thermal Barcode Printer Technology

By | November 24, 2010

Barcode is a representation of machine readable information, which is used on retail products and other products which are tangible. You can find the printed parallel lines with numbers located below of the lines on any item.

Barcode printer is a computer device which is used to print the barcode labels. Barcode label is affixed to physical things like retail or shipping items or products. Barcode is scanned by a cashier, then automatically rings up the item’s price and it allows them to quickly move on to the next item.

There are many designs in barcode printers like lightweight and portable, which are used as a convenient office tool for any business. Day by day the new technology is being used in barcode printers. We can say Zebra printer as an example of advanced technology printers. A technology, direct thermal printers, used in barcode printers now a days. A thermal paper is required for printing these labels. The process of the thermal printing starts, when a heat is generated by printhead and which causes a reaction in the thermal paper. The paper turns black in special areas to create a barcode by that reaction. There are different brands available in the market today such as Zebra printers offering thermal printing options.