When Brake Pads Need to be Changed

By | October 21, 2010

Generally, brakes are replaced in place of old brakes. If you want to go on a long trip then you should check the brake pads of the vehicle. But many people do not know when brake pads are to be replaced. There are few signs to find out the time to change the brake pads, such as:

  • The main important thing is squealing or screeching. When your car is making squealing or screeching sound then it is time to replace the brake pads.
  • Most brake pads have soft metal tabs on them which produce a high pitched squeal on contact with the brake rotor. It indicates that the friction material present around the brake pads has worn out and needs replacement. Brake pads can shudder or rattle indicating loose parts.
  • The main and best option is checking the brake pads at regular intervals. You can see the brake pads by open rims with out removing the tires. You can see the friction material on the brake pads. If you find out the grooves in the brake rotor then it is the sign of severe wear out, then it is the time to change the brake pad.
  • Other signs are: Pulling of the car from one side to other, wheel grabs, brake pedal pumping.
  • Generally, composition of the brake pads, the friction material used, the weight of the vehicle, driving habits determine the life span of the brake pad.

If you use the brakes more then they will wear out soon. Changing the brake pads can be done on your own or get it done by mechanic.