What are the Differences Between Toyota Avalon and Honda Legend

By | September 30, 2010

There are many different types of cars which are manufactured by the auto makers for satisfying the needs of customers. When we consider the luxury cars, there are many types which are offering different types of services.

If we consider the luxury cars Toyota Avalon and Honda Legend these are considered as the heavily loaded luxury cars. The Honda Legend is now termed as the Honda Acura RL. These both cars are considered as luxury cars in North America. For pedestrian styling and unremarkable performance Avlon gains the reputation where as the Legend after its change of name to Acura AL, it has been suffering from identity crisis. Although, its existence is there since 1985. In some of the countries like Japan it is termed as Legend.

Specifications of Toyota Avalon and Legend:

Toyota Avalon

The Toyota Avalon is powered by 3.5 liter V6 engine with apower of 268 horsepower and which in turn generated 248 pound-feet of torque. The car has six speed automatic transmission.

The legend or the acura Rl is powered with 3.7 liter V6 ,300 horsepower and the car is being associated with five speed automatic transmission. The car has the abilities of enhanced traction and handling capabilities.

Thus, these are the specifications of current Accura RL and Toyota Avalon.

Features of Toyota Avalon and Honda Acura RL according to Edmunds and automotive.com:

Honda Legend

There are different three trim levels. XL, XLS and limited. All the levels are included with the standard equipment. The upgraded version XLS model when compared to Xl, has the features like moon roof, six CD changer etc. Among the trim, the leather lined Limited Serves as the top model.

The different types of models are base RL, RL technology package and the mouthful RL technology package with CMBS. When we take the case of technology package, it includes the rearview camera, GPS linked climate control system, adaptive head lights, ventilated front seats and navigation system.

Wood trimmed instrument panel, collision mitigation braking system and adaptive cruise control are being offered by CMBS package. All the models will include some common features like driver/dront passenger/side airbags, traction control, dual power seats, heated front seats, foglamps, power locks, windows, tilt steering, keyless entry etc.

According to Edmunds.com, Toyota is considered as the luxurious large sedan. The performance of the car is very good with smooth, excellent driving along with good economy numbers. It provides comfort and apart from the efficiencies the car also has the drawbacks such as rear seat problems which doesn’t fold for more luggage capacity.

According to the road tests conducted by edmunds.com, the SH-AWD system will offer traction. The car is designed as a comfortable cruiser with handling capabilities. But, the main complaint regarding this is lack of low end grunt.

Thus, both the Avalon and the Legend are the luxury refinements and all the latest models are provided with special sophisticated technologies. The cost of the Avalon ranges from $27,845 to $35,185 and the price of the Legend ranges from $46,680 to $54,100 as of 2009 according to edmunds.com.