Know About Types of Thermal Barcode Printer

By | August 3, 2010

Barcode printers have a wide application in the present industry. They are used mostly because of the advantages like easy asset tracking, error reducing etc. Some of the people think that upgrading of the computer printer will give best label. But those printers will not give the accurate symbology. So, use the barcode printers, by which you can print the symbology correctly.

After taking a decision whether to buy a barcode printer or upgrade the printer, then go for deciding the barcode printer. There are various barcode printers in different companies, different models, different label sizes. There are different types of printers. But most commonly used printers are the thermal barcode printers.

Thermal barcode printers are classified into two types. They are direct thermal barcode printers and thermal transfer barcode printers. Each of which has its own specialty. Both are widely used when compared to the other types of printers. Both the printers use heat for getting the labels printed.

Direct thermal barcode printers: Here the thermal paper is used for printing labels. Print head will supply the heat to the heat sensitive label and the paper will react to the heat and changes into black. When compared, both of them are of less cost. They do not require any ribbon. These labels are used for the indoor purposes only.

Thermal Transfer Barcode Printers: Here a high carbon thermal transfer ribbon will be passed between the print head and the barcode label. Because of the heat produced from the print, head makes the barcode’s ribbon ink to be released and sticks it to the barcode label. This is efficient when compared with the other type of barcode printer. Although, the cost of this type of barcode printer is high because of the durability of the label these are mostly used.