Know About Pros and Cons of Saliva Drug Testing

By | August 17, 2010

There are many tests which are used by different organizations, educational institutions, sports etc., for detecting the presence of the drug. Some of the tests are used for detecting only some drugs. Some of the tests need privacy and some of the tests do not need any privacy.

There are several pros and cons regarding each and every drug. So, one should select the best test for the drug usage. Some of the tests can be used for a long time even after several days of consumption of the drug and some of the tests are used for a very less time. Some are simple and some are have complex processes for collecting the samples.

Let us see the pros and cons of the saliva drug test.
Pros: This test is simple and the kits which are used for this type of tests are donor friendly, easy to collect the specimen. There is no need of a separate room for conducting this type of test. This test can be done in any type of environment. This is mostly preferable for the recent drug history. This test can easily determine the current drug which the drug abuser is using. This test can detect 8 different drugs and at a time this test can detect 6 different drugs. These samples cannot be adulterated as the samples are taken directly. The time taken for conducting the test and also for detecting the result is very less. One can detect the result within few minutes. Some of the kits do not need any separate lab and a very less types need labs for detecting the drug. This is mostly preferred for the random type of drug testing. The cost of this type of test is less when compared to hair/blood drug test.

Cons: The main and major disadvantage of using this test is detection time. Saliva drug test can only detect the presence of recent drug which a person is using, but not the history of drug use. It sometimes depends on the factors like rate of flow of saliva of an individual, type of the drug which is used etc., This test can be used from hours to 2-3 days. Some times, the drugs which are used for smoking will also contaminate and becomes difficult to get the exact result.

Apart from the above disadvantage all the above advantages will make the test reliable, effective and provides good results. Because of the convenience in doing this testing, this test is mostly preferred by different organizations.