The Measuring Methods of Self Productivity

By | August 20, 2010

A person working an organization is asked to maintain performance sheet to record the performance of a particular person. If a man is self-employed, there is a need for measuring performance for measuring productivity. The following methods can be used to measure self-productivity.

Target Based
The person, who is interested in his productivity, should make the work into parts and fix particular time to complete the work0. It helps in acheiving your targets. One can measure the performance, based on the time required for the completion of the task. If the task is completed on time then one can say that the performance is good.

Expenditure Based
The measuring of productivity is also calculated based on expenditure. The self investor can compare expenditure cost and the amount obtained after completion of the work. In business, the profit are high the productivity is higher.

Comparison of work process
To track your daily activities, a book should be maintained so that you can cut down unnecessary works and concentrate on main work. One can also compare the amount of time required to complete a task.