How does Marijuana Affects a Family

By | August 10, 2010

Marijuana is a type of drug. There are many harmful effects of Marijuana on human body and brain. Not only this, it affects a user financially and socially and mentally. His in-activeness and mental disability can cause problems to their family.

Financial effects: Using marijuana, affects the user financially. User has to spend some amount of money to purchase the marijuana drug. And to get same affect he or she should use more marijuana and hence, spending money will be increased, so it will affect the family and user financially. Drug addict found out in a legal marijuana testing may lead to court cases and court costs and fines. It reduces the income and increases the expenditure.

Mental effects: Any family can be affected by using Marijuana. Using Marijuana causes unreal sensory perceptions, reduced ability of problem-solving, coordination problems. It enhances some feelings like pleasure, intense thoughts, anxiety and appetite. These factors can affect a family.

Physical effects: Drug use can cause some physical affects. After some time of taking marijuana it causes some physical effects apart from some mental effects. So, it causes user’s illness like heart attacks, cough, infections. So, it creates relationship problems. Users cannot involve actively with their family.

There are many adverse effects of using Marijuana, it effects the user’s social and family life. And it spoils the relationships with others. So, it is better to avoid the usage of drugs. If you cannot stop using drug, you can speak with your family members and you can take treatments to quit from drug addiction or abuse.