Can Marijuana Abused Become Marijuana Addicted

By | July 2, 2010

Though who use marijuana may not become addicted, when a person starts taking the drug and when he or she has the eager to take drugs then it is said to be dependent or drug addicted.

According NIDA, yearly more than 2,98,317 people are going to drug treatment programs. This report is showing that they need help to stop the using the drug.

Signs of withdrawal is showed by some heavy users when they do not use the drugs. These symptoms include restlessness, loss of appetite, trouble sleeping, weight loss, and shaky hands.

Teens use of marijuana may lead to serious anti-social problems and it will lead to dependence on the drug quickly, according to one study. According to the same study teens who are mentally disturbed are using tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana.

Teens and adults abuse may start with a thought of experimenting; they may want to see the effects of the drug usage or some of them may be encouraged to take the drugs by their friends. Whatever the reason may be, the drug abuse will then be habituated and it will become addiction after some days.

Parents should be careful about their children’ drug habits, they always try to influence their children to keep them far away from drugs and alcohol by explaining the effects of the drugs. It is recommended to make it a routine to use marijuana drug test kits at home.