How Barcoding Works?

By | June 14, 2010

Bar-coding is a form of representing the data which is read by the optical machines. Generally it is used for representing data on the products. The barcodes originated with the 1D.They are nothing but the parallel lines which vary in width. There are usually read by the optical scanners and barcode readers. It is used world wide for the product packages and denoting for the price tags. It represents unique code identification for a unique product.

Bar-coding is a simple method which is inexpensive method for encoding the text data which is read by the electronic scanners. It does the collection of the data rapidly with much accuracy. Its main purpose is simply identifying something with the use of labels of barcode which contains a unique number string or a character string.

Barcode is an application of the database. The encoded data in the barcodes can be used as index of the record in the data base which contains.

The Barcode data is usually run by the computer. Therefore, the barcode provides a error free data. Another application is it inputs the data without typing.

The structure of the barcode is usually consists of two quiet zones which are called as the leading and trailing quiet zone and with start and stop patterns with one or two data characters and with one or two check points.