Different Types Of Architectures Used for Home Automation

By | May 12, 2010

Home automation became famous now-a–days because of its new advancements. Everything in the house gets automated because of these automated techniques. There are three types of home automated architectures which are used for building any home.

Centralized architecture: In this type of architecture, centralized controller receives information from multiple sensors and then gives order to the actuators. It’s not a distributed architecture. Here the sensors sense the presence of an object or does its operation and gives a signal which has to be read by the actuator.

Distributed architecture: Here, all the intelligence of the system is distributed by the actuators and the sensors. Usually it has typical of wiring in the bus. Here there is no centralized controller the entire operation lies in the actuators and only sensors.

Mixed Architecture: Systems with decentralized architecture generally have several small devices to acquire and to process the information. They do this by using multiple sensors and transmit them to the rest of devices distributed all over the house. Here the process is done by all the elements of home automation.

These are the types of the architectures which are frequently used.