Addiction is the Undertaking of Users and Not a Medical Problem

By | April 2, 2010

Every culture has beliefs depending on interpretation so deep rooted that they go mostly neglected. Currently, theories based on genetic inclination and addiction have taken on the effort of describing  human vice. They became very helpful and the theological ones of them are replaced by scientific definitions of addiction which became deep-rooted in the public consciousness.

Current definition of addiction has a negative impact. Addiction in most scientific circles is considered as a disease. A disease is an effect caused due to sources upon which the victim can exert no control. The factors of a disease are completely unpreventable by deeds of personal will.

Addiction generally consists of factors over which the addict will not have any control. The genetic inclination associated with addiction are prominent and reported. Moreover, the average person  completely obsessed by addiction is not expected to fight the chemical dependency which has been inherent in their body’s chemistry for long periods of use.

Individuals will not immediately become addicted. First preferences become habits, which gradually  develop into addictions. It is during these two stages, first choice and habit, the individual can carefully select his or her path.

Addiction is very intense and inescapable state of substance abuse. In the perception of chemical dependency, just the strongest desired individuals can hope to beat their miserable state. Even though addiction is often inescapable, it has its foundation in personal choice, so it cannot be considered as a disease. Distinguishing addiction’s choice-based constituent has serious ethical significance.

People must be completely free to select a lifestyle characterized by use or abuse of the substance. But they should understand that when one selects a lifestyle with use or abuse of a substance, he or she is deliberately prone to many risks. Personal choices liberate society of any and all moral responsibilities to comply addiction.

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