What Is Contingency Recruitment?

By | March 1, 2010

Contingency recruitment is one type of hiring process. Contingency recruitment includes the agreed terms and conditions with clients and sending candidates as needed basis to the companies. It is a ongoing recruitment and placement activity to client organization. The services include in contingent recruitment are research into a potential employee, verification of references, experience, education and full background checks.

The contingency recruiting firm will charge fee from the companies if a proposed job applicant is selected. Depending upon the firms the contingency recruiting offer different tests to find the best employee. The tests include personality testing, lie detector testing, drug testing or other research methods.

The contingency recruiter has the contract with companies and it is a very expensive hiring process. The contingency recruiting firms maintains the database of employees and it is easy to find the candidates from the database.  This type of recruitment focus on network of IT professionals and extensive database to source the suitable candidates.

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