Types Of Car Warranty

By | March 8, 2010

When buying a car, apart from including different items (CD player, Air Conditioning, etc.), warranty must also be included. Today, warranty is considered as a standard for any type of car. Few basic types of warranty are:

The Basic Warranty: Basic warranty covers all the essential peripherals of the car, like the things which are more prone to break due to daily use. Elements which come under this option are oil systems, windshield wipers, and mirrors. It there is warranty for these items, then if they break (due to usual wear and tear), the manufacturer will replace them without any charge.

Drivetrain Coverage: Drivetrain (car consisting of all the constituents between the engine and driving wheels, the clutch and axle, and elements of the driveline) coverage covers the fundamental mechanical components of the car. This do not mean that if the engine breaks, it is permitted to replace with new one. However, the small constituents of the engine can be covered, so if anything goes wrong inside the engine, the manufacturer will bear the cost of fixing it back up.

Rust or Corrosion Coverage: Rust or corrosion coverage protects the car from rust damage. But, this protection can only cover damage like a hole in the vehicle’s exterior. It will not cover surface rust as it is a problem due to lack of user-maintenance.