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Is drug addiction a disease?

Addiction is a chronic, relapsing disease which influences the brain and leads to uncontrollable drug seeking and use regardless of harmful consequences. How is addiction a disease? Addiction is generally regarded as a brain disease, because drugs alters the brain in both structure and in function. It is a fact that in many people, the… Read More »

Types Of Car Warranty

When buying a car, apart from including different items (CD player, Air Conditioning, etc.), warranty must also be included. Today, warranty is considered as a standard for any type of car. Few basic types of warranty are: The Basic Warranty: Basic warranty covers all the essential peripherals of the car, like the things which are… Read More »

What Is Contingency Recruitment?

Contingency recruitment is one type of hiring process. Contingency recruitment includes the agreed terms and conditions with clients and sending candidates as needed basis to the companies. It is a ongoing recruitment and placement activity to client organization. The services include in contingent recruitment are research into a potential employee, verification of references, experience, education… Read More »