Common Mistakes In Recruiting A Candidate

By | February 5, 2010

Generally, recruiters fail to look at the best candidates that are very much suitable for job, who are present in the organization. This may affect confidence and team spirit of organization. Recruiters try to look for an exact replica or same qualities of a person who worked for same job.

This neglects innovation, new ideas, and potential progress. They do not involve other employees in the recruitment process. This makes job tougher, as current employees can also know good candidates for job. Recruiters lack in setting time frame. Set up a time frame and with this time frame candidates must be recruited, lessen the pool of candidates, interview the best ones, and hire someone. They try to use same sources of employment-related web site, a local newspaper, or a professional recruiter to select candidates. This do not help in selecting good candidates, so different sources should be used. Recruiters should involve specific manager or managers.

Recruiters do not provide complete job description, so recruiting process becomes slow as interviewing candidates who were not eligible to position involves more time. If the accurate description of job is provided to candidates, then candidate pool can be reduced and the process becomes easier.

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