Monthly Archives: February 2010

Primary Colors differ in different fields

When asked about the primary colors, most of us would say “red, blue and green”. We were taught about these colors at schools and we may look confident. But it is not the case, some fields use different colors as primaries. However, there is no issue considering these colors as primary colors of light. They… Read More »

Common Mistakes In Recruiting A Candidate

Generally, recruiters fail to look at the best candidates that are very much suitable for job, who are present in the organization. This may affect confidence and team spirit of organization. Recruiters try to look for an exact replica or same qualities of a person who worked for same job. This neglects innovation, new ideas,… Read More »

Different Barcode Label materials

Barcode labels and ribbons are available several different forms like wax, resin, paper, polypropylene. Each type of label is designed for different applications. Barcode labels are available ranging from permanent label designed to withstand the elements for years to a shipping label which is intended to last three days. Different types of barcode labels materials… Read More »