The Goal Of Insurance Law Is To Create Regulations And Standards

By | January 27, 2010

Insurance is becoming an integral part of human and business life. In business insurance risk management is the special part. In businesses, the risk will be covered by insurance. While claiming the insurance newer issues and situations are created, so there is a need to reform laws in insurance. These insurance laws will create regulations and standards.

The standard laws will protect the customers and insurance companies by creating methods for enforcement of violation of the law.

The insurance law includes specific mandates, such as how the insurance polices are written, limitations of insurance companies, how the claims should be processed, and how the insurance companies advertise. The insurance law will also list out the illegal activities of insurance companies. Licensure for insurance agents is also mentioned in the insurance law, why because most of the consumers get the coverage by agents and brokers of the insurance companies. The practice areas of insurance law are Professional liability, administrative law, and personal injury.

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