How to Create Halloween Creations?

By | October 13, 2009

Halloween Creations are pleasure to watch as well as in using them for decorating the home. You can create the decorations which creates good shocking experience of your neighborhood by spending little amount of money. The below steps help you with the process of creating a decorative frame, which you can keep it at the entrance of home.

Specific design of Gateway of Gore is partially inspired by video game and appears as gory portal to hell has opened in your home. First step in procedure of creations is which effect you want to try in your decoration like sense of humor or any feeling. You can also draw a picture of your imagination then measure the outer frame of gateway and write down the measurements. On pieces of plywood mark the earlier measurements and width can be determined by area of personal preference and cut the woods as per the marks.

Determine the shape of decoration and draw a line on wood and cut the edge design you want and cut it using a jigsaw. Decorate your gateway using the rubber masks, use fake skulls use staple gum for attaching them to the gateway frame and then use spray foam insulation and allow it to dry, paint it with oil paint and in safe place store the gateway for oil paint to dry.

Use the above gateway decoration and experience the difference of look of entrance of your home.