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Hazards in Your Apartment that can kill your pet

Your apartment may hold many hazards for your dog or cat. After your apartment search minneapolis is completed and before going to the apartment you need to practice household safety by making sure to keep the following items away from your dog or cat and if you are staying with your roommates then let your roommate know of these following hazards that can kill your pets:

  • Antifreeze: Antifreeze that has ethylene glycol tastes sweet to animals, but is poisonous, even in small doses. One teaspoon can kill a seven-pound cat. Store antifreeze away from any place your dog or cat can get to and immediately clean up antifreeze spills. If your apartment austin is too small for you to safely store antifreeze, use antifreeze that contains propylene glycol, which tastes bitter and is non-toxic in small doses.
  • Plant Fertilizer: Fertilizers are dangerous to pets, if ingested store these in plastic bags and in cabinets inaccessible to your pets.
  • Chocolate: Chocolate is poisonous to dogs and cats. Never feed your pet any chocolate or food that contains chocolate. Don’t leave it lying around and remember to tell your roommates the same thing.
  • Chicken bones: Keep your dog or cat from eating chicken bones, including those from chicken wings. The bone can shatter and cause your dog or cat to choke. Or the splinter could tear up the insides of your dog or cat and kill them.
  • Thread, Yarn, and Dental Floss: If ingested, thread, yarn, and dental floss can bunch up and tear up your pet’s intestines. Tell all your roommates not to leave any form of string lying around. Because this is an infamous toy for cats, emphasize to roommates and visitors the importance of preventing cats from playing with string.
  • Poisonous Plants: Some plants, such as poinsettias, are poisonous if eaten by your cat or dog. Don’t keep these plants, unless you are 100% positive your pet doesn’t eat plants. So you need to be careful in purchasing the houseplants.

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Importance Of Banner Advertising

AdserverEvery one says banner advertising is old and not useful in SEO but it is play important role to build traffic. Nowadays many Internet advertising agency are using these banner advertising. Generally a banner’s ability to attract customers is based largely on design and content. This alone can make or break its value to the business it represents. Its major function is to pave the way for businesses to promote themselves. A good, fine designed banner with eye catching content can mean all the dissimilarity between a high click thru rate or a dismal one. One good idea is o examine those banners that have caught your attention. What was it that caught your eye? Was it the colors used? Was it the text used? Or how it was accessible? All of these are important issues to be considered when designing your own customized banners.

Another important consideration is content. Creating a sense of importance seems to be one of the best approaches. It seems to that the ones that seem to grab your attention the most are the ones that use words like “click here,” “free gift just for visiting,” or “click now” and it may be certain colors presented in certain ways. Another important aspect is constancy and presentation. The colors are eye catching and flattering. Keywords are highlighted or are in bold print for importance and use words like “click here” or “limited offer” to stimulate response to the banner’s message.

One main feature to the success of banner advertising is file size. With the advent of DSL and cable, this may not be as big an issue as it once was some time ago, but always keep in mind that there are still a large number of people who use dial up services and it is they whom you must be mindful of. Another factor that plays significance here is the improvements in browser technology. The browser used to today are greatly superior to those used a few years ago. The rule of thumb here is the lesser the file size, the better. If it takes longer than ten seconds maximum to load, odds are it will never be seen. Today there are lots of websites available to help in the design of banners so use those website create the banners or some Affordable search engine optimization companies offers these services at reasonable price.

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