Trying to Break the Lease

By | June 13, 2009

Are you trying to break the lease for your apartment? If so there are many reasons to do. The reason you want to break the lease should be very strong that you need to bear the penalties that are given by your landlord. Most of the common reasons to break the lease of the apartment you have signed are as follows:

  • First and foremost is you are navigating from one place to another.
  • You are not satisfied with the rules and regulations with the landlord.
  • You can no longer afford the rent.
  • The environment and the location where you are staying are not comfortable for you.
  • Or else, if your landlord had violated the conditions promised at the time of agreement.

Whatever the reason may be if you have decided to break the lease agreement you need to undergo certain legalities and you will have to face some penalties also. First thing you need to do is to inform your landlord and give him the actual reason of leaving honestly and be polite. Some of the common penalties would be to pay the actual loss occurred to the landlord by you, to pay the rent of the apartment until it got replaced by any other new tenants, loss of security deposit. Most of the areas in US have the laws that govern the complete issues with breaking the lease. So you can expect the consequences before informing to your landlord about breaking the lease and go ahead.

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