Apartment search through agents

By | May 1, 2009

So you have started your search at houston apartments for rent. And you already began surfing the net, looking through apartment rental books, or even browsing the newspaper for good deals. Perhaps you also have taken a tour of an apartment or two. But, sometimes you wonder if the apartment you really like is really a great place to live. Read on for tips to avoiding those apartments no one would want to rent. Free rent deals almost always require a strict long-term contract. Typically the free period of rent comes at the very end of your one-year lease. Never sign anything until you know the terms in full and all the exceptions. It is difficult to be subjective when you search for an apartment, especially when you find one you really like. The agent is savvy enough to know how much you like the unit and will be less willingly to make a good offer. Be vague. Avoid looking excited. Play the poker face. These methods will give you the upper-hand because the agent doesn’t want to feel like they wasted their time showing you the unit and no other renters are in line to sign the contract. The longer the unit has been up on the market, the better the deal should be. Don’t let the agent push you into signing. Don’t be pushed into anything. If you don’t like the unit, leave it. If you don’t love the unit, keep looking. You’re going to be there for whiles so don’t settle.

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