Anniversary Jewelry Has More Sales Potential

By | May 4, 2009

Wedding anniversaries are very primary occasions for jewelers. About one-fifth of all non-bridal diamond jewelry is gifted for anniversary.

As per the Diamond Promotion Service, a wedding anniversary is one of the three main occasions to gift a diamond jewelry. The market in America for diamond anniversary jewelry is in between $5-6 billion, without including non-diamond jewelry.

Occasions which have Non-bridal jewelery demand are birthday (17%), Anniversary (21%), Christmas (22%), Mothers day (2%), Valentines day (3%), other occasion (23%) and No occasion (12%). (source: JWT)

The average ticket for diamond jewelry picked up by people to celebrate a wedding anniversary was nearly $1,200 in 2006, which is the highest average ticket for all non-bridal diamond events.

Sadly, jewelers are ignoring the anniversary jewelry occasion. According to research conducted by the Diamond Promotion Service, nearly 25 percent of married women desired anniversary diamond jewelry, but only 15 percent rally received diamond jewelry for their anniversary. In a month, Anniversary jewelry purchases will have the seasonal pattern of weddings, and also few minor variations in the year.

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