United States Securities and Exchange Commission -Part-1

By | April 1, 2009

States having the primary responsibility to impose the laws on the federal transferable securities and to regulate the values industry stock exchange. SEC was created by section 4 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (now codified as a § 78d of 15 U.S.C. and generally aimed like the act 1934). In more of the Law 1934 which created it, dry the Law of values of 1933 imposes, the act of act of trust of 1939, the Law of Investment Company of 1940, the act of Investment Advisers of 1940, the act of Sarbanes-Oxley of 2002 The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is a government agency of the United and other statutes. Christopher Cox is the current President of SEC. It was named by President George W. Bush. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt named Joseph P. Kennedy, the Sr, and father of the President John F Kennedy, with being useful of the first President of SEC. For a full list of chairs and police chiefs of SEC, see: Interested of the Commission of values and exchange.

SEC was established by the congress of the United States in 1934 like independent years following, independent, quasi-legal of organization of standardization of the production finished close caused by depression of the goods, introduction of credit rating of the consumer, and great crash of 1929. The principal reason of the creation of SEC was to regulate the stock exchange market and to prevent Abuses Corporation concerning the offer and the sale of the values and the report of corporation. SEC was indicated the power to authorize and regulate the Stock Markets. Currently, SEC is responsible to manage six principal laws which govern the market of the transferable securities. They are: the act of values of 1933, the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, the act of act of trust of 1939, the Law of Investment Company of 1940, the act of advisers in investment of 1940 and, most recently, the act of Sarbanes-Oxley of 2002.

The authority of application given by Congress grants SEC to bring civil proceedings of application counters individuals or companies proven to have the made fraud of accountancy, if the information false, or occupied in the trade of initiate or other violations of the law on the transferable securities. SEC also works with agencies of application of criminal law to continue of the same individuals and companies for offences which include a criminal violation. To carry out its mandate, SEC forces the statutory condition that the limited companies submit quarterly and annual reports, as well as of other periodic reports/ratios. As an element of the annual condition of report, the senior executive of the company must provide a narrative account in more of the numbers called the discussion and the analysis which provides an overall picture of the previous year of the operations and how from management the company went during this time of time. Management will usually also touch the next year, describing future goals and approaches with new projects. In order to try to level the field of play for all the investors, SEC maintains a data base in line called EDGAR (the system of gathering, analysis, and recovery of electronic data) in line of which investors can reach this and with any other information classified with the agency. SEC writes reports/ratios available to the public by the intermediary of the system of EDGAR. SEC also offers publications on investment-related matters for public education. The same interactive system also takes ends and complaints of the investors to help dry to detect transgressors of the laws on the transferable securities