The world’s economic crisis

By | January 14, 2009

The world economic crisis began in the autumn of 1929 year. The crisis started in the autumn of the year of 1929. It is time of too much producing and low purchasing power. Most sever is the crisis in the USA. For 3 years production in USA reduced by half. The production of cars reduced 12 times. In approximately 50 years this is fifth crisis in the capitalist world is. In October the year wrote the “times of 1930 of New York”: “people are for always and guards, almost as, they wait themselves for soup, the work, knowing that tomorrow they.” again wait at the beginning of the year of 1933 there will be 17mil. People unemployed in the USA, and those who worked were hired for 1 or 3 days at most. Those people and their families were almost half of population USA`s. The crisis reached also the agriculture company, suddenly the prices of agriculture production decreased. For the farmers feel it better burn the corn then to sale it was. During 1933 year the USA government started destroying animals and agricultural production, because they thought that this way the prices will rise.

The large depression of 1929 reached United Kingdom, France and Germany. In United Kingdom in the year of 1931 the more than 3 millions people were unemployed. In France the crises lasted till 1936 year. The industry in Italy fell to 30%. German industry was loaded up to 30-35% of its limits. The quantity of unemployed during 1932 year reached 9 million people. In the beginning of 1933 year the economic crisis was in its peak. The capitalist world began to overcome this crisis really slow, but in 1937 year in the USA began a new economic crisis.

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