I Don’t Like the Movie the Quantum of Solace

By | November 13, 2008

I didn’t like the bond movie, which I have seen recently in New York. There was nothing new in the movie. Already the crowd has been reduced compared to the last few days. The plot of the movie itself is boring. The story didn’t create any interest in me.

The screenplay of the movie is also not added as plus point. Normally in James Bond movies adventures, fights play a key role but in this movie they are failed. Even though the movie created records it’s just because of the fame of bond films. Collections cannot declare the movie as a hit. Even though the movie is an average film the background score is appreciated. The only attraction of the film is Bond is looking good and sexy.

I wonder how it’s collecting record bucks all over the world. I’m sure people gonna see what ever it is there if its tagged ‘licensed to kill’.