Plastic Bag, Rope and Bottle Cap Killed 3 –Ton Female Whale

By | October 21, 2008

We all know blue whale is the largest mammal in this world. From past few months water animals are found dead because of the waste and dangerous products presented in the sea like ropes, plastic bottles etc. in present scenario, sea animals are disappearing from our world due to pollution.

On Tuesday October 14, 2008 3-ton female whale was found dead in Bryde’s beach. The 30-foot-long whale got stranded on Monday. Thought villagers made efforts to save the whale, it was died on Tuesday.

Autopsy of whale is conducting and reason for the death of whale was due to plastic bag, a rope and bottle cap which was present in her stomach. If the animals are found on beach means they are like to die and sick whale was alternatively ended up her life at beach after getting separated from its pod.

On Monday the whale was on the beach marine boats struggled to pull the 3-ton whale back into sea but on Tuesday was again found on the beach and the villagers sprinkled water on the sick whale and covered her with wet blankets. The whale was kept in veterinarian departments for conducting more tests.

The whale lost its life due to the negligence of human beings because we carry snacks and soft drink bottles into the beach after finishing it we thrown them into sea and poor animals eat them and die.