Philippines Eagerly Waiting For US Elections

By | October 21, 2008

Every country is eagerly waiting for completion of the US president elections. Many problems can be resolved after the election with new president decisions. At present many problems are prevailing in our world like financial crisis, increase in gas prices etc.

In Manila, Philippines, people are waiting for subsidized rice, which is not sufficient for the people and everyone has a hope there problems will be solved by the new US President it can be Obama or McCain. They are independent but they are depending on US and eagerly waiting for the elections which are held in November.

Obama got attention on the streets of Manila and young crowd were flashed with “V” for the victory. Obama is one outsider whom the Manila’s poorest man can identify. Some feel the Obama will win and solves their problem as soon as possible after elections. People of Manila have strong interest in American election.

They feel Obama can understand their problems better than any other president and hopes he makes some thing good for them. We also hope that the new president of American will solve our economic problems.