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Plastic Bag, Rope and Bottle Cap Killed 3 –Ton Female Whale

We all know blue whale is the largest mammal in this world. From past few months water animals are found dead because of the waste and dangerous products presented in the sea like ropes, plastic bottles etc. in present scenario, sea animals are disappearing from our world due to pollution.

On Tuesday October 14, 2008 3-ton female whale was found dead in Bryde’s beach. The 30-foot-long whale got stranded on Monday. Thought villagers made efforts to save the whale, it was died on Tuesday.

Autopsy of whale is conducting and reason for the death of whale was due to plastic bag, a rope and bottle cap which was present in her stomach. If the animals are found on beach means they are like to die and sick whale was alternatively ended up her life at beach after getting separated from its pod.

On Monday the whale was on the beach marine boats struggled to pull the 3-ton whale back into sea but on Tuesday was again found on the beach and the villagers sprinkled water on the sick whale and covered her with wet blankets. The whale was kept in veterinarian departments for conducting more tests.

The whale lost its life due to the negligence of human beings because we carry snacks and soft drink bottles into the beach after finishing it we thrown them into sea and poor animals eat them and die.

Philippines Eagerly Waiting For US Elections

Every country is eagerly waiting for completion of the US president elections. Many problems can be resolved after the election with new president decisions. At present many problems are prevailing in our world like financial crisis, increase in gas prices etc.

In Manila, Philippines, people are waiting for subsidized rice, which is not sufficient for the people and everyone has a hope there problems will be solved by the new US President it can be Obama or McCain. They are independent but they are depending on US and eagerly waiting for the elections which are held in November.

Obama got attention on the streets of Manila and young crowd were flashed with “V” for the victory. Obama is one outsider whom the Manila’s poorest man can identify. Some feel the Obama will win and solves their problem as soon as possible after elections. People of Manila have strong interest in American election.

They feel Obama can understand their problems better than any other president and hopes he makes some thing good for them. We also hope that the new president of American will solve our economic problems.

Senate Voting On Rescue Plan For Financial Institutions Is A Success

After two days house rejected the $ 700 billion bail out, senate is set to vote on rescue plan for financial institutions. Voting finished on Wednesday October 8, 2008. One of the committee member for house financial services said that, he voted against the bailout bill because he thought that it is a wrong solution for economy problem like financial security. Even though some people are against the senate vote on this but bill got approved. It was good bill and good news for all the taxpayers.

People outside are caring about this bill and care about free market economics and they sent a mail for the House members regarding this issue and there may be any reason at last the bill is approved by the House. Now everyone is hoping that sooner the prices will get down in market for houses. But some House members are still strict about there decision of not buying bad debts. The liquid assets of financial assets are worthless and they are mostly derivatives.

Salmonella Illnesses Affected 12 States

Government is urging with consumers to thoroughly cook frozen chicken after 32 people in 12 states were affected by Salmonella poisoning. These diseases are caused due to using raw chicken in bread toasting. These diseases are mainly caused due to chicken. The USDA informed to people not follows the cooking instruction on package cooking and microwave instructions for cooking the chicken dishes. The microwave did not heat the meals enough in order to kill the presence of Salmonella if instructions on microwave are followed.

The USDA asked the citizen to cook chicken to minimum internal temperature of 165 degrees of Fahrenheit. USDA has given several warnings to people who are going for chicken as there food but they did not follow those instructions and it was spread to 11 more states from one state. Symptoms of Salmonella poisoning include diarrhea, abdominal cramps and fever with eight to 72 hours. Salmonella can also become life threatening, especially for those who has a week immune system such as infants and for senior citizens.

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