The United States Department of Justice

By | February 13, 2008

The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) is a department of Cabinet in the government of the United States designed to impose the law and to defend the interests of the United States according to the law and to ensure the administration right and impartial of justice for all the Americans (see the § 501 of 28 U.S.C.). The DOJ is managed by the General of agent of the United States (see the § 503 of 28 U.S.C.), one of the original members of the cabinet. The General of agent was at the beginning a work individual and part-time, established by the legal Law of 1789, but this developed with the bureaucracy. At the same time the General of agent gave the legal council to the congress of the UNITED STATES as well as the president, but this had stopped from here 1819 because of the implied workload.

In 1867, the UNITED STATES places the Committee on the legal order, carried out by Congressman William Lawrence, leads an investigation in the creation of a department of law directed by the General of agent and composed of various legal consultants of department and agents of the United States. February 19, 1868, Lawrence presented an invoice in the congress to create the ministry for justice. This first invoice not was successful, however, because Lawrence could not devote time enough to ensure his passage due to his trade with the charge of President Andrew Johnson.

A second bill was presented at the congress by Rhode Island Thomas Representative Thomas Jenckes February 25, 1870, and both the Senate and House passed the bill. The President Ulysses S. Grant then signed the invoice in the law June 22, 1870. The ministry for justice officially began operations July 1, 1870. The invoice, called the Act to establish the Department of Justice, made little to change the responsibilities for General the of agent, and its wages and tenure are remained the same one. The law created a new office, that of the General of legal consultant, to direct and lead the litigation of government in the supreme court of the United States.

With the passage of the Law of trade between States in 1870, the federal government is in the United States. Started to take some responsibilities for application of law, with the ministry for justice was charged carry out these functions. In 1872, the order of the federal prisons was transferred to the new department, starting from the department of the interior. New equipment was established, including the prison at Leavenworth in 1895, and a service for women located in Virginia Occidentale, at Alderson was established in 1924.

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